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Motor Vehicle Index Marks and Surviving Registers

How to use this Listing

The listing can be used to identify whether the original local authority registration registers and/or card indexes still exist. Registers vary considerably in the information recorded with some giving the machine, engine and frame numbers, the date of registration and the name of the supplier and first owner down to the registration date and the vehicle excise category such as Bicycle, Private or Goods. The identity letters are the last two letters on a three letter plate.

Find the last two letters (or last letter if only two letters) of your license number to find which area it was first registered. If the records still survive then they are shown under the column Surviving Registers. If yours survives then look below for the address where you can apply for copy of the original transcript which can possibly be used to retain or reclaim the original registration number. Register There is usually a fee for this service by the registration authority or the archive where the record is kept.

If the entry has an * against the surviving register dates then look in the notes which are after the alphabetic listing. If there is a name in the Location column then look up the name in the address location column. If you do manage to obtain a copy from the register then print out the retention notes and follow them through. The link is at the bottom of this page. You might need to obtain a dating certificate from the Clubs' Machine Dating Officer (see address in the Star magazine.).

Index Mark Licensing Authority Surviving Registers Dates Location
A London    
AA Hampshire 1904-74 Winchester
AB Worcestershire 1903-21 Worcester
AC Warwickshire 1903-75 Warwick
AD Gloucestershire 1903-74* Gloucester
AE Bristol B 1904-40* Bristol
AF Cornwall 1903-20 Truro
AG Ayrshire   Presumed destroyed
AH Norfolk 1904-20 Norwich
AI Meath 1904-54* Navan
AJ Yorkshire NR 1903-12 Northallerton
AK Bradford B 1903-77* Wakefield
AL Nottinghamshire 1903-55* Nottingham
AM Wiltshire 1903-64 Trowbridge
AN West Ham B    
AO Cumberland 1903-74 Carlisle
AP Sussex (East) 1903-08, 1923-76 Lewes
AR Hertfordshire 1900-10, 1934-77 Hertford
AS Nairnshire   Presumed destroyed
AT Kingston-upon-Hull B 1904-74* Hull
AU Nottingham B   Presumed destroyed
AV Aberdeenshire   Presumed destroyed
AW Salop 1921-72* Shrewsbury
AX Monmouthshire 1904-74 Cwmbran
AY Leicestershire 1903-22 Leicester
AZ Belfast B   No information
B Lancashire 1921-41 Preston
BA Salford B 1904-70* Salford
BB Newcastle-upon-Tyne B   Presumed destroyed
BC Leicester B   Destroyed
BD Northamptonshire 1903-78* Northampton
BE Lincolnshire (Lindsey) 1904-74* Lincoln
BF Dorsetshire 1903-04* Dorchester
BG Birkenhead B   Presumed destroyed
BH Buckinghamshire 1903-74 Aylesbury
BI Monaghan    
BJ Suffolk (East) 1903-50* Ipswich
BK Portsmouth B   Presumed destroyed
BL Berkshire 1904-20 Reading
BM Bedfordshire 1903-64 Bedford
BN Bolton B 1903-20 Bolton
BO Cardiff B 1922-29 Cardiff
BP Sussex (West) 1903-20* Chichester
BR Sunderland B 1921-33 Durham
BS Orkney 1904-76 Kirkwall
BT Yorkshire (ER) 1905-76 Beverley
BU Oldham B 1903-20 Oldham
    1926-30* Manchester A
BV Blackburn B 1903-78 Preston
BW Oxfordshire 1903-74 Oxford
BX Carmarthenshire 1907-77 Carmarthen
BY Croydon B   Presumed destroyed
BZ Down   No information
C Yorkshire (WR)    
CA Denbighshire 1903-76* Ruthin
CB Blackburn B 1903-78 Preston
CC Caernarvonshire 1904-21, 1952-77* Caernarfon
CD Brighton B 1904-77 Lewes
CE Cambridgeshire    
CF Suffolk (West)   Presumed destroyed
CG Hampshire 1904-79 Winchester
CH Derby B    
CI Leix Laoighis    
CJ Herefordshire 1904-74* Hereford
CK Preston B 1904-79 Preston
CL Norwich B   Destroyed
CM Birkenhead B   Presumed destroyed
CN Gateshead B   Presumed destroyed
CO Plymouth B 1921-26* Plymouth
CP Halifax B 1904-11, 1921-31* Halifax
    1921-77* Wakefield
CR Southampton B 1903-19* Southampton
CS Ayrshire   Presumed destroyed
CT Lincolnshire (Kesteven) 1923-74* Lincoln
CU South Shields B   Presumed destroyed
CV Cornwall   Destroyed
CW Burnley B 1904-77 Preston
CX Huddersfield B 1921-77* Wakefield
CY Swansea B 1921-29 Swansea
CZ Belfast B   No information
D Kent 1903-13 Maidstone
DA Wolverhampton B 1925-56* Wolverhampton
DB Stockport B 1932-68* Manchester A
DC Middlesborough B 1904-19, 1937-47 Middlesborough
DD Gloucestershire 1921-74* Gloucester
DE Pembrokeshire 1903-74 Haverfordwest
DF Gloucestershire 1926-74* Gloucester
DC Gloucestershire 1929-74* Gloucester
DH Walsall B 1904-57* Walsall
DI Roscommon    
DJ St Helens B 1904-20 St Helens
DK Rochdale B 1919-21 Preston
    1927-75 Manchester
DL Isle of Wight   Destroyed
DM Flintshire 1903-36 Hawarden
DN York B 1948-73 York
DO Lincolnshire (Holland) 1904-20, 1932-74* Lincoln
DP Reading B   Destroyed
DR Plymouth B 1926-32* Plymouth
DS Peeblesshire   Presumed destroyed
DT Doncaster B 1927-74 Doncaster
DU Coventry B 1921* Coventry
DV Devonshire   Presumed destroyed
DW Newport (Mon.) 1914-74 Cwmbran
DX Ipswich B 1903-50 Ipswich
DY Hastings B 1903-74 Lewes
DZ Antrim   No information
E Staffordshire 1920-25 Stafford
EA West Bromwich B 1925-27 Smethwick
EB Isle of Ely    
EC Westmorland 1904-09, 1925-74* Kendal
ED Warrington B 1922-74 Chester A
EE Grimsby B 1904-74 Grimsby
EF West Hartlepool B 1903-64 Middlesborough
EG Soke of Peterborough 1921-66* Huntingdon
EH Stoke-on-Trent B 1904-20 Hanley
EI Sligo 1903-54 Sligo
EJ Cardiganshire 1903-73 Aberystwyth
EK Wigan B 1932-78* Leigh
EL Bournemouth B 1903-77 Dorchester
EM Bootle B    
EN Bury B 1904-75* Manchester
EO Barrow-in-Furness B 1904-64 Barrow-in-Furness
EP Montgomeryshire 1903-74* Llandrindod Wells
ER Cambridgeshire    
ES Perthshire 1909-10 Dundee
ET Rotherham B 1903-25, 1936-74 Sheffield
EU Brecknockshire 1903-74 LIandrindod Wells
EV Essex 1904-45 Chelmsford
EW Huntingdonshire 1921-66* Huntingdon
EX Great Yarmouth B 1921-54 Norwich
EY Anglesey 1903-74 Llangefni
EZ Belfast B   No information
F Essex 1904-20 Chelmsford
FA Burton-upon-Trent B 1903-22 Burton-upon-Trent
FB Bath B   Presumed destroyed
FC Oxford B 1922-74 Oxford
FD Dudley B 1903-74 Dudley
FE Lincoln B 1903-20* Lincoln
FF Merionethshire 1921-74 Dolgellau
FG Fife    
FH Gloucester B 1910-29* Gloucester
FI Tipperary (NR)    
FJ Exeter B 1903-20 Exeter
FK Worcester B 1903-42 Worcester
FL Soke of Peterborough 1921-66* Huntingdon
FM Chester B 1903-78 Chester B
FN Canterbury B 1904-29 Canterbury
FO Radnorshire 1903-74 Llandrindod Wells
FP Rutlandshire 1903-60 Leicester
FR Blackpool B 1920-74 Preston
FS Edinburgh B   Presumed destroyed
FT Tynemouth B   Presumed destroyed
FU Lincolnshire (I.indsey) * Lincoln
FV Blackpool B 1920-74 Preston
FW Lincolnshire (Lindsey) * Presumed destroyed
FX Dorsetshire 1903-74* Dorchester
FY Southport B    
FZ Belfast B   No information
G Glasgow B   Presumed destroyed
GA Glasgow B   Presumed destroyed
GB Glasgow B   Presumed destroyed
GC London    
GD Glasgow B   Presumed destroyed
GE Glasgow B   Presumed destroyed
GF London    
GG Glasgow B   Presumed destroyed
GH London    
GJ London    
GK London    
GM Bath B   Presumed destroyed
GP Motherwell & Wishaw B   Presumed destroyed
GN London    
GO London    
GP London    
GR Sunderland B 1955-65* Durham
GS Perthshire    
GT London    
GU London    
GV Suffolk (West)   Presumed destroyed
GW London    
GX London    
GY London    
GZ Belfast B   No information
H Middlesex    
HA Smethwick B   Presumed destroyed
HB Merthyr Tydfil B    
HC Eastbourne B 1927-74 Lewes
HD Dewsbury B 1913-77* Wakefield
HE Barnsley B 1913-76 Sheffield
HF Wallasey B 1913-15 Birkenhead
HG Burnley B 1925-52 Preston
HH Carlisle B 1922-74 Carlisle
HI Tipperary (SR)    
HJ Southend B 1914-46 Southend
HK Essex 1915-45 Chelmsford
HL Wakefield B 1943-76 Wakefield
HM East Ham B    
HN Darlington B 1915-74 Darlington
HO Hampshire 1904-74 Winchester
HP Coventry B 1921-24* Coventry
HR Wiltshire 1919-64 Trowbridge
HS Renfrewshire 1903-49 Glasgow
HT Bristol B 1904-40* Bristol
HU Bristol B 1904-40* Bristol
HV East Ham B    
HW Bristol B 1904-40* Bristol
HX Middlesex    
HY Bristol B 1904-40* Bristol
HZ Tyrone   No information
IA Antrim   No information
IB Armagh 1925-27, 1952-57 Belfast
IC Carlow    
ID Cavan   Destroyed
IE Clare    
IF Cork (County)    
IH Donegal 1903-54* Letterkenny
IJ Down   No information
IK Dublin (County) 1927-54 Dublin
IL Farmanagh   No information
IM Galway    
IN Kerry 1903-54 Tralee
IO Kildare    
IP Kilkenny 1903-54* Kilkenny
IR Offaly    
IT Leitrim    
IU Limerick 1903-23* Limerick
IW Londonderry   No information
IY Louth 1921-54 Dundalk
IZ Mayo    
J Durham (County) 1922-62 Durham
JA Stockport B 1932-68* Manchester A
JB Berkshire   Destroyed
JC Caernarvonshire 1903-77* Caernarfon
JD West Ham B    
JE Isle of Ely    
JF Leicester B   Destroyed
JG Canterbury B 1904-29 Canterbury
JH Hertfordshire 1904-10, 1934-77 Hertford
JI Tyrone   No information
JJ London    
JK Eastbourne B 1927-74 Lewes
JL Lincolnshire (Holland) 1904-20, 1932-74* Lincoln
JM Westmorland 1925-74* Kendal
JN Southend B 1922-46 Southend
JO Oxford B 1930-74 Oxford
JP Wigan B 1934-78* Leigh
JR Northumberland 1904-61 Newcastle
JS Ross & Cromarty   Presumed destroyed
JT Dorsetshire 1933-75 Dorchester
JU Leicestershire 1932-36 Leicester
JV Grimsby B 1904-74 Grimsby
JW Wolverhampton B 1925-56* Wolverhampton
JX Halifax B 1935-57* Halifax
    1933-77* Wakefield
JY Plymouth B 1932-37 Plymouth
JZ Down   No information
K Liverpool B    
KA Liverpool B    
KB Liverpool B    
KC Liverpool B    
KD Liverpool B    
KE Kent 1920-74 Maidstone
KF Liverpool B    
KG Cardiff B 1930-37 Cardiff
KH Kingston-upon-Hull B 1904-74* Hull
KI Waterford 1903-54* Waterford
KJ Kent 1931-74 Maidstone
KI Kent 1924-74 Maidstone
KK Kent 1922-74 Maidstone
KL Kent 1924-74 Maidstone
KM Kent 1925-74 Maidstone
KN Kent 1917-74 Maidstone
KO Kent 1927-74 Maidstone
KP Kent 1928-74 Maidstone
KR Kent 1929-74 Maidstone
KS Roxburghshire   Presumed destroyed
KT Kent 1913-74 Maidstone
KU Bradford B 1921-77* Wakefield
KV Coventry B    
KW Bradford B 1921-77* Wakefield
KX Buckinghamshire 1927-74 Aylesbury
KY Bradford B 1921-77* Wakefield
KZ Antrim   No information
L Glamorganshire 1903-20 Cardiff
LA London    
LB London    
LC London    
LD London    
LE London    
LF London    
LG Cheshire 1928-74 Chester A
LH London    
LI West Meath    
LL Bournemouth B 1929-77 Dorchester
LK London    
LL London    
LM London    
LN London    
LO London    
LP London    
LR London    
LS Selkirkshire   Presumed destroyed
LT London    
LU London    
LV Liverpool B    
LW London    
LX London    
LY London    
LZ Antrim   No information
M Cheshire 1903-19 Chester A
MA Cheshire 1919-74 Chester A
MB Cheshire 1922-74 Chester A
MC Middlesex    
MD Middlesex    
ME Middlesex    
MF Middlesex    
MG Middlesex    
MH Middlesex    
MI Wexford 1921-54* Wexford
MJ Bedfordshire 1932-64 Bedford
MK Middlesex    
ML Middlesex    
MM Middlesex    
MN Isle of Man    
MO Berkshire 1922-24 Reading
MP Middlesex    
MR Wiltshire 1924-64 Trowbridge
MS Stirlingshire    
MT Middlesex    
MU Middlesex    
MV Middlesex    
MW Wiltshire 1927-64 Trowbridge
MX Middlesex    
MY Middlesex    
MZ Belfast B   No information
N Manchester B   Presumed destroyed
NA Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
NB Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
NC Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
ND Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
NE Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
NF Manchester B 1968-84* Manchester B
NG Norfolk   Presumed destroyed
NH Northampton B   Presumed destroyed
NI Wicklow 1922-54 Wicklow
NJ Sussex (East) 1903-8, 1923-76 Lewes
NK Hertfordshire 1904-10, 1934-77 Hertford
NL Northumberland 1904-61 Newcastle
NM Bedfordshire 1920-64 Bedford
NN Nottinghamshire 1921-55* Nottingham
NO Essex 1921-45 Chelmsford
NP Worcestershire 1921-27 Worcester
NR Leicestershire 1921-27 Leicester
NS Sutherlandshire   Presumed destroyed
NT Salop 1921-72* Shrewsbury
NU Derbyshire    
NV Northamptonshire 1924-78* Northampton
NW Leeds B 1921-77* Wakefield
NX Warwickshire 1921-75 Warwick
NY Glamorganshire   Presumed destroyed
NZ Londonderry B   No information
O Birmingham B * Birmingham
OA Birmingham B   Destroyed
OB Birmingham B   Destroyed
OC Birmingham B   Destroyed
OD Devonshire   Presumed destroyed
OE Birmingham B   Destroyed
OF Birmingham B   Destroyed
OG Birmingham B   Destroyed
OH Birmingham B   Destroyed
OI Belfast B   No information
OJ Birmingham B   Destroyed
OK Birmingham B   Destroyed
OL Birmingham B   Destroyed
OM Birmingham B   Destroyed
ON Birmingham B   Destroyed
OP Birmingham B   Destroyed
OR Hampshire 1924-26 Winchester
OS Wigtownshire 1904-22 Stranraer
OT Hampshire 1925-28 Winchester
OU Hampshire 1928-31 Winchester
OV Birmingham B   Destroyed
OW Southampton B   Southampton
OX Birmingham B   Destroyed
OY Croydon B   Presumed destroyed
P Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PA Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PB Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PC Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PD Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PE Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PF Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PG Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PH Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PI Cork B    
PJ Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PK Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PL Surrey   Presumed destroyed
PM Sussex (East) 1903-08, 1923-76 Lewes
PN Sussex (East) 1903-08, 1923-76 Lewes
PO Sussex (West) *  
PP Buckinghamshire 1927-74 Aylesbury
PR Dorsetshire 1923-75 Dorchester
PS Shetland 1904-72* Lerwick
PT Durham (County) 1922-62 Durham
PU Essex 1921-45 Chelmsford
PV Ipswich B 1903-50 Ipswich
PW Norfolk   Presumed destroyed
PX Sussex (West) *  
PY Yorkshire (NR)   Presumed destroyed
R Derbyshire    
RA Derbyshire    
RB Derbyshire    
RC Derby B    
RD Reading B   Destroyed
RE Staffordshire 1921-47 Stafford
RF Staffordshire 1925-38 Stafford
RG Aberdeen B   Presumed destroyed
RH Kingston-upon-Hull B 1908-74* Hull
RI Dublin B 1927-54 Dublin
RJ Salford B 1931-69* Salford
RK Croydon B   Presumed destroyed
RL Cornwall   Destroyed
RM Cumberland 1903-74 Carlisle
RN Preston B 1904-77 Preston
RO Hertfordshire 1904-10, 1934-77 Hertford
RP Northamptonshire 1924-78* Northampton
RR Nottinghamshire 1921-55* Nottingham
RS Aberdeen B   Presumed destroyed
RT Suffolk (East) * Ipswich
RU Bournemouth B 1926-76 Dorchester
RV Portsmouth B   Presumed destroyed
RW Coventry B 1924-26* Coventry
RX Berkshire   Destroyed
RY Leicester   Destroyed
S Edinburgh B   Presumed destroyed
SA Aberdeenshire   Presumed destroyed
SB Argyllshire 1903-20 Lochgilphead
SF Edinburgh B   Presumed destroyed
SD Ayrshire   Presumed destroyed
SE Banffshire 1903-38* Forres
SF Edinburgh B   Presumed destroyed
SG Edinburgh B   Presumed destroyed
SH Berwickshire   Presumed destroyed
SJ Buteshire 1903-21 Glasgow
SK Caithness-shire   Presumed destroyed
SL Clackmannanshire    
SM Dumfriesshire 1903-70* Dumfries
SN Dunbartonshire   Presumed destroyed
SO Morayshire 1903-46* Forres
SP Fifeshire    
SR Angus 1903-81 Dundee
SS East Lothian    
ST Inverness-shire 1903-28 Inverness
SU Kincardineshire   Presumed destroyed
SV Kinross-shire 1904-54 Dundee
SW Kirkudbrightshire 1903-76* Dumfries
SX Linlithgow 1904-21, 1934-59 Edinburgh
SY Midlothian    
T Devonshire 1903-20 Exeter
TA Devonshire 1920-22 Exeter
TB Lancashire 1921-77 Preston
TC Lancashire 1921-77 Preston
TD Lancashire 1921-77 Preston
TE Lancashire 1921-77 Preston
TF Lancashire 1921-77 Preston
TG Glamorganshire 1903-20 Cardiff
TH Carmarthenshire 1907-74 Carmarthen
TI Limerick B 1904-54* Limerick
TJ Lancashire 1921-77 Preston
TK Dorsetshire 1927-71 Dorchester
TL Lincolnshire (Kesteven) 1923-74* Lincoln
TM Bedfordshire 1927-62 Bedford
TN Newcastle-upon-Tyne B   Presumed destroyed
TO Nottingham B   Presumed destroyed
TP Portsmouth B   Presumed destroyed
TR Southampton B * Southampton
TS Dundee B 1904-81 Dundee
TT Devonshire   Presumed destroyed
TU Cheshire 1925-74 Chester A
TV Nottingham B   Presumed destroyed
TW Essex 1925-45 Chelmsford
TX Glamorganshire   Presumed destroyed
TY Northumberland 1904-61 Newcastle
U Leeds B 1921-77* Wakefield
UA Leeds B 1921-77* Wakefield
UB Leeds B 1921-77* Wakefield
UC London    
UD Oxfordshire 1927-74 Oxford
UE Warwickshire 1925-75 Warwick
UF Brighton B 1904-78 Lewes
UG Leeds B 1932-46* Wakefield
UH Cardiff B 1925-37 Cardiff
UI Londonderry B   No information
UJ Salop 1921-72* Shrewsbury
UK Wolverhampton B 1925-56* Wolverhampton
UL London    
UM Leeds B 1921-77* Wakefield
UN Denbighshire 1921-76* Ruthin
UO Devonshire   Presumed destroyed
UP Durham (County) 1922-62 Durham
UR Hertfordshire 1903-10, 1934-77 Hertford
US Glasgow B   Presumed destroyed
UT Leicestershire 1927-32 Leicester
UU London    
UV London    
UW London    
UX Salop 1921-72* Shrewsbury
UY Worcestershire 1926-31 Worcester
V Lanarkshire   Presumed destroyed
VA Lanarkshire   Presumed destroyed
VB Croydon B   Presumed destroyed
VC Coventry B 1929-31* Coventry
VD Lanarkshire   Presumed destroyed
VE Cambridgeshire    
VF Norfolk   Presumed destroyed
VG Norwich B   Destroyed
VH Huddersfield B 1921-77* Wakefield
VJ Herefordshire 1921-74* Hereford
VK Newcastle-upon-Tyne B   Presumed destroyed
VL Lincoln B   Presumed destroyed
VM Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
VN Yorkshire NR   Presumed destroyed
VO Nottinghamshire 1921-55* Nottingham
VP Birmingham B   Destroyed
VR Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
VS Greenock B   Presumed destroyed
VT Stoke-on-Trent B 1904-20 Hanley
VU Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
VV Northampton B   Presumed destroyed
VW Essex 1927-45 Chelmsford
VX Essex 1929-45 Chelmsford
VY York B 1948-73 York
W Sheffield B 1903-05 Sheffield
WA Sheffield B 1931-61* Sheffield
WB Sheffield B 1931-61* Sheffield
WD Warwickshire 1930-75 Warwick
WE Sheffield B 1931-61* Sheffield
WF Yorkshire (ER) 1932-76 Beverley
WH Bolton B   Presumed destroyed
WI Waterford B 1903-54* Waterford
WJ Sheffield B 1931-71* Sheffield
WK Coventry B 1926-29* Coventry
WL Oxford B 1926-74 Oxford
WM Southport B    
WN Swansea B   Destroyed
WO Monmouthshire 1927-74 Cwmbran
WP Worcestershire 1931-35 Worcester
WR Yorkshire (WR)   Presumed destroyed
WS Leith B 1903-20* Edinburgh
WT Yorkshire (WR)   Presumed destroyed
WU Yorkshire (WR)   Presumed destroyed
WV Wiltshire 1931-64 Trowbridge
WW Yorkshire (WR)   Presumed destroyed
WX Yorkshire (WR)   Presumed destroyed
WY Yorkshire (WR)   Presumed destroyed
X Northumberland * Newcastle
XA London    
XB London    
XC London    
XD London    
XE London    
XF London    
XG Middlesborough B 1937-47 Middlesborough
XH London    
XI Belfast B   No information
XJ Manchester B 1968-74* Manchester B
XK London    
XL London    
XM London    
XN London    
XO London    
XP London    
XR London    
XS Paisley B   Presumed destroyed
XT London    
XU London    
XV London    
XW London    
XX London    
XY London    
Y Somerset 1903-20 Taunton
YA Somerset 1921-74 Taunton
YB Somerset 1924-74 Taunton
YC Somerset 1927-74 Taunton
YD Somerset 1931-74 Taunton
YE London    
YF London    
YG Yorkshire (WR)   Presumed destroyed
YH London    
YI Dublin B 1927-54 Dublin
YJ Dundee B 1904-81 Dundee
YK London    
YL London    
YM London    
YN London    
YO London    
YP London    
YR London    
YS Glasgow B   Presumed destroyed
YT London    
YU London    
YV London    
YW London    
YV London    
YW London    
YX London    
YY London    
Z Dublin County 1927-54 Dublin
ZA Dublin B 1927-54 Dublin
ZB Cork B    
ZC Dublin B 1927-54 Dublin
ZD Dublin D 1927-54 Dublin
ZE Dublin D 1927-54 Dublin
ZF Cork B    
ZH Dublin B 1927-54 Dublin
ZI Dublin B 1927-54 Dublin
ZJ Dublin B 1927-54 Dublin
ZL Dublin 1927-54 Dublin
ZO Dublin 1927-54 Dublin
ZP Donegal 1921-54* Letterkenny
ZR Wexford 1921-54 Wexford
ZU Dublin 1927-54 Dublin
ZZ Irish International Circulation Mark   No information

Notes to List

AD Registers for 1903-26; thereafter registration cards only.
AE Registration cards only, recently deposited privately. Post-1940 cards are expected shortly from the same source.
AI Early registers for Meath have not survived but the Motor Taxation Dept of the county council has about 80% of vehicle files, including that for AI, and many of the remaining 20%, relating to vehicles transferred to other local authorities, are gradually finding their way back to Meath.
AK Registers for 1903-20; there after registration cards only.
AL Nottinghamshire Archives Office has registers for AL covering the years 1903-20, of which the entries up to 31 Dec. 1903 were published in 'Nottinghamshire Register of Motor Cars and Motor Cycles, 1903', Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire Record Series, XXI (1962), 65-79. From 1921 the office has loose registration forms for all the Notts. index marks (AL, NN, RR and VO) but some of these 'may be out of order ... are difficult to use and appear to have many inexplicable gaps where the records are missing. Certainly where we have been approached by owners in the past for information we have frequently failed to find the relevant records' (information kindly supplied by Notts. Archives Office).
AT Registers for 1904-18 are at the Transport Museum, High St; Hull City Record Office, 79 Lowgate, have registration cards from 1924 onwards.
AW Registration cards only.
AZ The Vehicles (Excise) Act (Northern Ireland) 1972 removed vehicle registration from local authority control to the Government of Northern Ireland, the date of transfer being 1 October 1973. In principle, all local authority registration records should have passed to the Vehicle Licensing Central Office, County Hall, Castlerock Road, Coleraine BT51 3HS, to whom all enquiries concerning Northern Ireland registration marks should be directed. In practice, some local authority registers are in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast or at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Holywood, as noted in the list above.
BA Later Salford registers are held by the Greater Manchester Police.
BD The only registers at the Northamptonshire Record Office are those for 1903-21 for the index mark BD. For 1924-78 the office has (unlisted) registration cards for all three Northants index marks (BD, NV and RP).
BE The Lincolnshire Archives Office has not yet listed records received from the four local registration authorities which existed in the county up to 1974 and relies on a brief note supplied by the registration offices with the documents. According to this, there are complete sets of registration cards for all the Lincoln, Lindsey, Kesteven and Holland index marks but far fewer registers. There appear to be none at all for VL and FW; those for FE are 'Scanty, early... plus a few post-war only'; for BE there are registers to BE 7196 and for FU from FU 4767 to N suffix; those for CT and TL 'Start mid CT's end 1974' (i.e. from 1923); and DO and JL 'DO 1904 to 9990 missing (i.e. 1920-32) otherwise complete to N suffix'. The information given in the list for all the Lincolnshire marks is therefore provisional only.
BF Under the Motor Car Act, 1903, the Local Government Board allocated BF to Dorsetshire. These letters did not find favour with some motorists and representations were made by the Dorset Automobile Association. The county council applied for a change, which was permitted, and by an LGB Order of 27 Dec. 1904 the mark FX was assigned. The order did not require existing marks to be changed but provided that the owner could have the mark FX substituted for BF on giving notice to the council. The last BF registration allotted was BF 162 on 20 Dec. 1904. 42 of the car owners and 41 motorcycle owners did not change their registration letters but any remaining on the roads on 1 Jan. 1921 were re-registered with FX numbers, since BF was not allocated under the Roads Act, 1920. (Information kindly supplied by the Dorset Record Office.)
BJ Registers for 1933-55 and 1961 onwards; also registration application forms 'from an early date'.
BP The only registers at the West Sussex Record Office at Chichester are those for BP for the period 1903-20. For 1921-72, however, the office has a quantity of uncatalogued number issue records (which contain less information than the registers) covering all three West Sussex index marks (BP, PO and PX).
BU Registration cards only.
BZ See note under AZ above.
C No registers or registration cards; an incomplete series of vehicle files only.
CA Registers to 1920; thereafter registration cards only.
CC Registers for 1904-21 and 1952-77; registration cards for 1921-74 (approximately 50% complete); and registration files for 1921-74 (less than 50% survival).
CH Registers for 1903-21; thereafter memorandum books of new numbers only.
CJ Registers for 1904-20; thereafter registration cards only.
CO Registration cards only.
CP Registration cards only for 1921-77 at Wakefield; registration files for 1921-31 at Halifax.
CR Southampton City Records Office has a register for CR covering the period 1903-13 and other volumes (not a complete series) to 1919. For TR and OW the office has only the subsidiary application forms for registration (RF(I)), as it has for later CR numbers. None of the series is complete.
CT See note under BE above.
CX A register for 1927; otherwise registration cards only.
CZ See note under AZ above.
DA Wolverhampton Central Library in fact has a series of seven volumes covering the period 1925-50 for index marks DA, JW and UK, plus an eighth volume for 1955-6. Other volumes were 'returned to West Midlands Police', where they were apparently subsequently destroyed.
DD Registers for 1921-26; otherwise registration cards only.
DF Registers for 1926-30; otherwise registration cards only.
DG Registers for 1929-34; otherwise registration cards only.
DH Licensing was transferred from Walsall to Dudley in 1957 (index mark FD).
DO See note under BE above.
DR Registration cards only.
DU Registration cards only.
DZ See note under AZ above.
EC The Kendal office of the Cumbria Archive Service has only one Westmorland vehicle register as such, containing registration numbers EC I to EC 466 and covering the years 1904-09, but has in addition a series of 37 notebooks, deposited by the last manager of the Kendal Motor Taxation Office, registering names and addresses of those issued with EC and JM index marks for road fund licence between 1925 and 1974.
EG Registration records incomplete.
EK Registration cards only; also registration files for EK 978 to EK 9998 and for JP I to JP 9999 (1930s onwards).
EN Registration cards only.
EP Registration cards for 1903-74; registers from 1949 only.
EW See note under EG above.
EZ See note under AZ above.
FE See note under BE above.
FH In addition to a register of motorcycles for 1910-13 and another for motor-cars for 1912-19, the Gloucestershire Record Office (at its Alvin St branch) has a random sample of registration files for 1957-75 from the City of Gloucester taxation office.
FL See note under EG above.
FU See note under BE above.
FW See note under BE above.
FX See note under BF above.
FZ See note under AZ above.
GR These records refer only to the transfer of vehicles from other authorities to Sunderland CB (Form RF 16/1).
GV Registration cards only.
GZ See note under AZ above.
HD Registers for 1913-54; otherwise registration cards only.
HP Registration cards only.
HT See note under AE above.
HU See note under AE above.
HW See note under AE above.
HY See note under AE above.
HZ See note under AZ above.
IA See note under AZ above.
IH The first two Donegal registers (1903-1 1) have been transferred to the Archive Centre at the County Library, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal; others at present still at the Motor Taxation Dept will follow in due course.
IJ See note under AZ above.
IL See note under AZ above.
IO Later registers still in the custody of the Motor Taxation Dept of Kildare County Council.
IP Registration records are in the custody of the Motor Taxation Dept of Kilkenny County Council; access can be arranged via the County Library, 6 Johns Quay, Kilkenny. The records are incomplete prior to 1950 but thereafter well preserved.
IR Two volumes, covering the years 1904-23 and 1945-6, are at the County Library in Tullamore; the Motor Taxation Dept of Offaly County Council has later books for 1951-60 and from 1964 onwards.
IU Later registers are at the Motor Taxation Section of Limerick County Council, O'Connell St, Limerick.
IW See note under AZ above.
JL See note under BE above.
JM See note under EC above.
JP Registration cards only; also files from 1930s onwards.
JW See note under DA above.
JX A register for 1944-47, otherwise registration cards only, at Wakefield; registration files for 1935-57 at Halifax.
JY Registration cards only.
JZ See note under AZ above.
KH See note under AT above.
KI Registers currently (July 1990) in the custody of the Motor Taxation Dept of Waterford County Council; possible deposit in the County Library (Lismore, Co. Waterford) under discussion.
KM Registration cards only.
KV Registration cards only.
KW Registration cards only.
KY Registers for 1931-70; otherwise registration cards only.
KZ See note under AZ above.
Ll Westmeath County Library, Dublin Rd, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland, has a volume of driving licences covering the years 1904-12. There may be other material amongst the county council records at County Buildings, Mullingar, but these have yet to be sorted and listed (information kindly supplied by the County Librarian).
LT The Greater London Record Office has only a single register from the LCC/GLC motor taxation department, covering index marks LT 4001 to LT 4400, issued during the dates shown in the list. The only item to survive for Middlesex (also at the GLRO) is a register covering the years 1916-19 and the areas of Edgware, Kingsbury, Little Stanmore, Great Stanmore, Finchley, Hendon, Wembley and Willesden. This appears to be a register of car owners, rather than a register of index numbers, and the index marks are highly varied. The rest of the London and Middlesex taxation records have apparently been completely destroyed.
LZ See note under AZ above.
MI Registration forms only before 1960, fuller information from that date.
MN Registers from 1966 to the present are at the Vehicle Licensing Section of the Isle of Man Treasury (Government Buildings, Buck's Rd, Douglas); earlier records (1906-65) are at the Manx Museum, Douglas.
MZ See note under AZ above.
N Registration mark allocation books only. All other Manchester registration records appear to have been destroyed.
NA See note under N above.
NB See note under N above.
NC See note under N above.
ND See note under N above.
NE See note under N above.
NF See note under N above.
NN See note under AL above.
NT Registration cards only.
NV Registration cards only.
NW Registration cards only.
NZ See note under AZ above.
O The only surviving Birmingham registration records are an incomplete series of files for numbers between 0 4000 and 0 9999, running from the 1920s to the 1950s.
OI See note under AZ above.
OW See note under CR above.
OZ See note under AZ above.
PO See note under BP above.
PS All the registers and registration cards for Shetland have either been destroyed or have passed into private hands. Shetland Archives have an incomplete series of files for 1921-72, together with a photocopy of the first two registers (1904-20), the originals of which are in private hands.
PX See note under BP above.
PZ See note under AZ above.
RC Memorandum books of new numbers only.
RH See note under AT above.
RJ See note under BA above.
RP Registration cards only.
RR See note under AL above.
RW Registration cards only.
RZ See note under AZ above.
SE Index cards only for SE 3 to SE 5819, i.e. until about 1938, with information added to about 1970.
SM The Dumfries Archives Centre requires prior written application to use these records, together with the completion of a form attested by two referees.
SO No registers or index cards; files for each vehicle from SO I to SO 7647 (i.e. 1946), with subsidiary information on cards referring to withdrawn files up to SO 9999 (about 1950).
SW See note under SM above.
SY This mark was originally allocated to Midlothian County Council and no registers appear to survive from this authority. ASY, however, was used by Linlithgow and there are entries for this mark in the registers from that county now at Edinburgh City Archives (see under SX, the main Linlithgow mark).
SZ See note under AZ above.
TI See note under IU above.
TL See note under BE above.
TR See note under CR above.
TZ See note under AZ above.
U Registers for 1921-42; otherwise registration cards only.
UA Registration cards only.
UB Registers for 1931-46; otherwise registration cards only.
UG Registers for 1932-46; otherwise registration cards only.
UI See note under AZ above.
UJ Registration cards only.
UK See note under DA above.
UM Registration cards only.
UN Registration cards only.
UX Registration cards only.
UZ See note under AZ above.
VC Registration cards only.
VH Registers for 1927-29; otherwise registration cards only.
VJ Registration cards only.
VL See note under BE above.
VM See note under N above.
VO See note under AL above.
VR See note under N above.
VU See note under N above.
VV Registration cards only.
VZ See note under AZ above.
WA Later registers have been retained for the present but not yet selected for permanent preservation.
WB See note under WA above.
WE See note under WA above.
WI See note under KI above.
WJ See note under WA above.
WK Registration cards only.
WS This mark was transferred to Edinburgh in 1920, when Leith was incorporated into the city. The surviving registers are from Leith Burgh Council; those compiled after 1920, like the other Edinburgh registers, have apparently been destroyed.
WZ See note under AZ above.
X Registration cards only.
XI See note under AZ above.
XJ See note under N above.
XZ See note under AZ above.
YZ See note under AZ above.
ZP See note under IH above.



The following list gives the address and telephone number of each of the locations identified by town only in the foregoing list.

Aberystwyth Cardiganshire Record Office, County Offices, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2DE
Aylesbury County Record Office, County Hall, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 IUA
Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria Record Office, 140 Duke St, Barrow-in-Fumess, Cumbria LA 14 1 XW
Bedford County Record Office, County Hall, Cauldwell St, Bedford MK42 9AP
Belfast Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, 66 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast BT9 6NY
Beverley Humberside Archive Service, County Hall, Beverley, Hull HU 17 9BA
Birkenhead Central Library, Borough Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH41 2XB
Birmingham Central Library, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3HQ
Bolton Central Library, Civic Centre, Le Mans Crescent, Bolton BLI I SE
Bristol Bristol Record Office, The Council House, College Green, Bristol BSI 5TR.
Burton-upon-Trent Burton-upon-Trent Library, Riverside, High St, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffs DE13 9HD
Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch, Raingate St, Bury St Edmunds IP33 IRX
Caernarfon Caernarfon Area Record Office, County Offices, Shire Hall St, Caernarfon LL55 I SH
Cambridge County Record Office, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 OAP
Canterbury Cathedral Archives, The Precincts, Canterbury, Kent CTI 2EG
Cardiff Glamorgan Record Office, County Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff CFI 3NE
Carlisle Cumbria Record Office, The Castle, Carlisle, Cumbria CA3 8UR
Carmarthen Carmarthenshire Record Office, County Hall, Carmarthen, Dyfed SA31 IJP
Carrick-on-Shanon Motor Registration Dept, Leitrim County Council, Park Lane House, Priest's Lane, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim, Ireland
Castlebar Motor Taxation Office, Mayo County Council, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Chelmsford Essex Record Office, PO Box 11, County Hall, Chelmsford CM1 1LX
Chester A Cheshire Record Office, Duke St, Chester CHI IRL
Chester B City Record Office, Town Hall, Chester CHI 2HJ
Chichester West Sussex Record Office, County Hall, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 IRN
Coventry City Record Office, Mandela House, Bayley Lane, Coventry CV1 5RG
Cwmbran Gwent County Record Office, County Hall, Cwmbran, Gwent NP44 2XH
Darlington Public Library, Crown St, Darlington, Co. Durham DL1 1ND
Dolgellau Area Record Office, Cae Penarlag, Dolgellau, Gwynedd LL40 2YB
Doncaster Archives Dept, King Edward Rd, Balby, Doncaster, S. Yorks DN4 0NA
Dorchester County Record Office, County Hall, Dorchester DT1 1XJ
Douglas The Manx Museum, Douglas, Isle of Man
Dublin Archives Division, City Hall, Dublin 2, Ireland
Dudley Dudley Library, St James's Rd, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 1HR
Dumfries Dumfries Archives Centre, 33 Burns St, Dumfries DGI 2PS
Dundalk Motor Taxation Dept, Louth County Council, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
Dundee Archive and Record Centre, 21 City Square, Dundee DD1 3BY
Durham County Record Office, County. Hall, Durham DH1 5UL
Edinburgh City Archives, City Chambers, High St, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ
Ennis Motor Taxation Office, Clare County Council, New Road, Ennis, Ireland
Exeter Devon Record Office, Castle St, Exeter EX4 3PU
Forres Moray District Record Office, The Tollbooth, High St, Forres IV36 OAB
Galway Motor Taxation Dept, Galway County Council, Galway, Ireland
Glasgow Strathclyde Regional Archives, Mitchell Library, North St, Glasgow G3 7DN
Gloucester County Record Office, Clarence Row, Alvin St, Gloucester GL1 3DW
Grimsby South Humberside Area Archive Office, Town Hall Square, Grimsby DN31 1HX
Halifax Calderdale District Archives, Central Library, Northgate House, Northgate, Halifax HX1 1UN
Hanley County Reference Library, Bethesda St, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 3RS
Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire Record Office, The Castle, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Dyfed SA61 2EF
Hawarden Clwyd Record Office, The Old Rectory, Hawarden, Deeside, Clwyd CH5 3NR
Hereford Record Office, The Old Barracks, Harold St, Hereford HR1 2QX
Hertford Hertfordshire Record Office, County Hall, Hertford SG13 8DE
Holywood Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra, Holywood BT18 0EU
Hull City Record Office, 79 Lowgate, Hull HU1 2AA
Huntingdon County Record Office, Grammar School Walk, Huntingdon PE18 6LF
Inverness Regional Archivist, Kinmylies Building, Leachkin Rd, Inverness IV3 6NN
Ipswich Suffolk Record Office, Gatacre Rd, Ipswich, Suffolk IPI 2LQ
Kendal Cumbria Record Office, County Offices, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4RQ
Kilkenny Kilkenny County Library, 6 Johns Quay, Kilkenny, Ireland
Kirkwall The Orkney Library, Laing St, Kirkwall, Orkney KWI5 1NW
Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland Record Office, Long Street, Wigston Magna, Leicester LE18 2AH
Leigh Wigan Record Office, Town Hall, Leigh WN7 2DY
Letterkenny County Library, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Lerwick Shetland Archives, King Harald St, Lerwick, Shetland ZEI OEQ
Lewes East Sussex Record Office, The Maltings, Castle Precincts, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1YT
Limerick Limerick Regional Archives, The Granary, Michael St, Limerick, Ireland
Lincoln Lincolnshire Archives Office, The Castle, Lincoln LN1 3AB
Llandrindod Wells Powys Archives, Library Headquarters, Cefnllys Rd, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5LD.
Llangefni Anglesey Area Record Office, Shirehall, Llangefni, Anglesey, Gwynedd LL77 7TW
Lochgilphead Dept of Administration, Argyll & Bute District Council, Kilmory, Lochgilphead, Argyll PA31 8RT
London Greater London Record Office, 40 Northampton Rd, London EC1R 0HB
Maidstone West Kent Archives Office, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1XQ
Manchester A Greater Manchester Record Office, 56 Marshall St, New Cross, Manchester M4 5FU
Manchester B Archives Dept, Central Library, St Peter's Square, Manchester M2 5PD
Matlock Derbyshire Record Office, County Education Dept, County Offices, Matlock, Derbys DE4 3AG
Middlesbrough Archives Section, Exchange House, 6 Marton Rd, Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS I I DB
Monaghan Motor Taxation Office, Monaghan County Council, County Offices, The Glen, Monaghan, Ireland
Navan Motor Taxation Dept, Meath County Council, County Hall, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland
Newbridge County Library, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland Record Office, Melton Park, North Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE3 5QX
Northallerton County Record Office, County Hall, Northallerton, N. Yorks DL7 8AD
Northampton Northamptonshire Record Office, Wootton Hall, Mere Way, Northampton. Telephone 01604 762129.
Norwich Norfolk Record Office, Central Library, Norwich NR2 1NJ
Nottingham Nottinghamshire Archives Office, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham NG2 1AG
Oldham Central Library, Union St, Oldham OL1 1DN
Oxford Oxfordshire Archives, County Hall, New Rd, Oxford OX1 1ND
Plymouth West Devon Area Record Office, Unit 3, Clare Place, Coxside, Plymouth PL4 0JW
Portlaoise Motor Taxation Dept, Laois County Council, County Hall, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland
Preston Lancashire Record Office, Bow Lane, Preston PR1 2RE
Reading Berkshire Record Office, Shire Hall, Shinfield, Reading, Berks RG2 9XD
Roscommon Motor Taxation Office, Roscommon County Council, Roscommon, Ireland.
Ruthin Clwyd Record Office, 46 Clwyd St, Ruthin, Clwyd LL15 1HP
St Helens Local History and Archives Library, Gamble Institute, Victoria Square, St Helens WA10 1DY
Salford Archives Centre, 658-662 Liverpool Rd, Irlam, Salford M30 5AD
Sheffield Sheffield Archives, 52 Shoreham St, Sheffield, S1 4SP
Shrewsbury County Record Office, The Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY2 6ND
Sligo Sligo County Library, The Courthousee, Teeling St, Sligo, Ireland
Smethwick Local Studies Centre, Smethwick Library, Warley B66 1AB
Southampton City Records Office, Civic Centre, Southampton SO9 4XR
Southend Essex Record Office, Southend Branch, Central Library, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6EX
Stafford Staffordshire Record Office, Eastgate St, Stafford ST16 2LZ
Stirling Central Region Archives Dept, Unit 6, Burghmuir Industrial Estate, Stirling FK7 7PY
Stranraer District Museum, 55 George St, Stranraer DG9 7JP
Swansea West Glamorgan Area Record Office, County Hall, Oystermouth Rd, Swansea SA1 3SN
Taunton Somerset Record Office, Obridge Rd, Taunton TA2 7PU
Tralee Motor Taxation Dept, Kerry County Council, Moyderwell, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Trowbridge County Record Office, County Hall, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8JG
Truro Cornwall Record Office, County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY
Tullamore County Library, O'Connor Square, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland
Wakefield West Yorkshire Archive Service, Registry of Deeds, Newstead Rd, Wakefield WF1 2DE
Walsall Walsall Local History Centre, Essex St, Walsall WS2 7AS
Warwick County Record Office, Priory Park, Cape Rd, Warwick CV34 4JS
Waterford Motor Taxation Dept, Waterford County Council, Waterford, Ireland
Wexford Motor Taxation Dept, County Hall, Wexford, Ireland
Wicklow Motor Taxation Dept, Wicklow County Council, Wicklow, Ireland
Winchester Hampshire Record Office, 20 Southgate St, Winchester SO23 9EF
Wolverhampton Central Library, Snow Hill, Wolverhampton WV1 3AX
Worcester Record Office, County Hall, Spetchley Rd, Worcester WR5 2NP
York Archives Dept, Art Gallery Building, Exhibition Square, York YO1 2EW

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