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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Before sending an email please check here to see if your question has already been asked.

What does BSA stand for?

Birmingham Small Arms. They were an armaments manufacturer before they made motorcycles and cars. They built more weapons for the allied troops in World War II than all the other manufacturers put together. When Neville Chamberlain returned from Germany declaring "peace in our time" the then chairman of BSA did not believe Hitler and commenced the production of thousands of guns and artillery weapons. This meant that when war was declared our troops didn't have to wait for tooling up and production to begin before we could defend ourselves. So effectively BSA saved our bacon.

Can I apply for membership electronically?

At the moment we don't have facilities for this but there is a membership form on the website which you can print off, fill in your details and post, You normally get a new members pack within 28 days. Membership form

I would like to know if there are any details of my bike in the despatch books?

I have a bike with the following engine and frame numbers and would like to know what model it is and its original colour.

We have a Machine Dating Officer who can look up the details for you if you give him your engine and frame number. This can only be done by post and there is a charge for this service. Registering your Bike

There is a club in my country but as the UK club has more information and access to technical experts can I join the UK club also?

We have many overseas members who join the UK club as well as their own club. Some countries don't have their own club so BSA owners in these countries usually join the UK club, they have exactly the same rights as UK resident members and access to the same information and services.

Do you have any pictures of my model of bike?

There are many sites which have pictures of many models of BSA motorcycles. Some, including New South Wales club have some factory catalogues on their website which have been scanned from the originals. This site is primarily to inform you of what is available to members when they join. We have an excellent library which will probably have the brochure or picture you are searching for. If you are a member of the club you can write to the Librarian for copies. You will have to pay a fee for this service to cover photocopying costs.

Can you tell me the correct colour of my bike and also tell me where I can get a good match for the original?

Bri Tie motorcycles can advise you of the colour and can also supply paint for many models. Bri-Tie Motorcycles

Please mention you got their name from us.

I have a 1933 G33-13 and a 1961 Super Rocket and would like to get hold of a parts book and handbook for them. Where would I find them?

Although our Librarian can supply these if you are a member it is often faster and cheaper to buy them from the following.

Try Lightning Spares for your later BSA handbook, parts book and workshop manual. They also specialise in stainless parts and have a stock of spares for most BSAs.

Lightning Spares

157 Cross Street



M33 7JW

Telephone 0161 969 3850

Fax 0161 969 5918


Please mention you got their name from us.

For pre 1930 parts books and manuals and some parts try

Jules Dassen

Prins Bernhardstraat 21,
6245 BG Eijsden,
You can write to him in English, German, French and Dutch of course.

Please mention you got his name from us.

I have some problems with my bike and need some help and advice.

The club has some excellent technical experts who give advice for free to members if you write to them enclosing a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope. Surely reason enough alone to join the club. There is also a BSA email discussion group where you can ask a question and one of the hundreds of other members will probably have an answer for you. BSA Yahoo groups discussion group

I am looking for spares for my bike, can you recommend where I can find them?

There are some spares dealers with their own websites on our links page. BSA related links If you can't find one that can supply your part then one of the best places to look is in the Old Bike Mart. The Old Bike Mart UK club members can advertise for the parts they want for free in the Star.

I have not received my Star this month can you find out why? or

I have changed address, can you please update your records.

Only the membership secretary has access to the membership records and they print out the mailing labels for the Star so you will have to write directly to him at BSA Owners' Club, PO Box 27, Crewe, CW1 6GE.

I think my membership may have expired but how can I tell?

When your membership is about to lapse you will receive a reminder and a renewal form. Your membership number has a two digit number at the end. this corresponds to the month your membership expires. IE. -11 equals November.

I would like to trace the history of my bike OR I am trying to find if my first bike which I sold many years ago is still around, Its registration number is ABC 123.

There is a website dedicated to this subject.

We do not have any history of bikes and do not have any data with regard to original numbers or any history. The Old Bike Mart has a column each month called Where Are You Now, which may be of use to you.

I am trying to trace the history of Joe Bloggs who rode BSAs in the 1930s. Do you have any information about him.

Our Librarian may be able to help if you write to him and enclose a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope or two IRCs. His address is in the Star magazine.

I would be delighted to receive e-mail from fellow enthusiasts of the late unit singles (or any other BSA) and am keen to exchange information on them

There is a BSA discussion group on the web called BSA Yahoo discussion group.

I am trying to trace the original registration details of my bike ABC 123C to try to retain the registration number. Can you help.

Yes we can help. First go to the Registering page where you will get the information you need then to the List of existing registers to find if your number still exists. There is also a website where you may find your old bike.

I am looking for models of my favourite BSA.

Models of some BSAs are available from

MANUFACTURERS :-RAE Models Limited 01932 846298


If your enquiry is not covered by the FAQs then there are some email addresses below. Please do not send large attachments without asking first.

For general enquiries about the club please email our secretary Bob Wilkinson at the following address:

For other mail about the website and machine dating enquiries, please email Brian Pollitt at the following address. Please note Brian will be standing down from this position in August after 12 years as he has taken over Lightning Spares. The club is looking for volunteers for the positions. 


For articles or adverts for the Star magazine please email our editor Kay Dolan:


The chairman of the BSAOC Dave Brady can be contacted on:


The Branch Liason Officer of the club Shaun Gibbons can be contacted on: