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BSA Related Links

This page contains URL's of BSA clubs home pages and BSA related service providers.

BSA Clubs & Branches

BSA Owners of Sweden The BSA Owners' Club Sweden is the second largest of the BSA clubs with a very active membership.
Dansk BSA Klub The BSA Owners' Club Denmark is dedicated to the use of BSA motorcycles.
BSA Owners' Club Belgium The BSA Owners' Club Belgium are the organiser's of the John Bull Rally each May, the place to be for all classic British bike riders.
BSA Owners' Club Germany The BSA Owners' Club Germany are a very active club with a regular magazine.
  BSA Owners' Club Netherlands The BSAOC of the Netherlands are regular riders and visitors to International rallies. They organise regular runs and rallies but not hillclimb events.
BSA MC Owners Victoria BSA MC Owners' Assoc. Victoria Australia where you can see International Rally 2001 pictures.
BSAOC Queensland A new branch in Queensland Australia. You can see details of the first Australian National rally here plus links to other clubs
BSA Club of NSW The BSA Owners' Club New South Wales Australia was formed in 1978 and has approx 60 members. Some great factory catalogues on line, check if yours is there.
BSAOCNC Home Page The BSA Owners' Club of North California. Visit their page and win a 1971 BSA Spitfire Scrambler for a Dollar.

The BSA Owners' Club of New England.

The BSA Owners' Club of South California.

New Zealand BSAOC BSA Owners' Club of New Zealand details are here.

The Ohio Valley BSAOC A site for the Ohio Valley BSAOC. Compiled by Daniel Boss.
BSA Regal Group Check out what is happening at the BSA Regal factory and what new models we can expect.
The BSA Front Wheel Drive Club
BSA also made a great number of cars as well as bikes. Not only the familiar three wheelers but four wheelers. Some with rear wheel drive and fluid flywheel transmissions. Check out the club for these cars.
NOT WORKING BSA Owners Club Airguns BSA first started making guns. They still make airguns on Armoury Road.
  Fenland Branch BSAOC Find out what this branch is doing then call in to see them.

Other Clubs and Groups (Non BSA Specific)

Kicka Tunga British Bike Club
NOT WORKING BCMCC A lot of our 300+ members have Beeza's and use them regularly. A lot more have them in the shed awaiting restoration and just about everyone has a Bantam.
NOT WORKING English knights Our club is the English Knights and the Brothers of the E.K. the difference is the EK own anything british.
  National Association for Bikers with a Disability If you have ever marvelled, as I have, of the way people with various disabilities are able to ride a bike the way they do, then you might find the reason here. The association helps riders convert their bikes and also aids with issues relating to problems with the DVLA and the DSS. Well worth a visit. They are a registered charity so a donation would help too.
  BMF British Motorcycle Federation. Working for us, is their slogan.
  Alien Nation ALIEN NATION IS a new nation-wide sidepatch club, principally designed for disabled riders *by* disabled riders.
NOT WORKING Canadian Vintage motorbike club.
NOT WORKING British Bikes Best The site is in both Italian and English. The club based in Milan, Italy caters for British bikes of any make and of any age.

National Sprint Association We have a good representation of BSA's in the National Sprint Association, indeed the Southern Chairman's latest project is a Goldie. Visit us here. You may like to try it yourself.

  British Motorcycle Club of Central New York We are a one year old club in the Syracuse, New York area with over 30 members. We are growing and trying to find ways to reach other Brit bike owners.


Parts & Accessories

  C and D Autos One of the vendors of BSA parts who have supported the BSAOC for many years. They supply mostly new but some original old stock to keep your BSA on the road. Thousands of parts available ex stock with fast mail order. Check out their page for more details. It includes all their products and some interesting information. 10% discount available to BSAOC members on production of membership card.
SRM Engineering Famous for its timing side roller bearing conversion but that's not all they do. Check out their page for more details. It includes all their products and some interesting information. Plus a downloadable catalogue.
  Bri-Tie Motorcycles are able to supply correct paints and finishes for most BSA motorcycles as well as having many parts in stock.
Draganfly Motorcycles BSA CATALOGUE (B3) covers all pre-unit BSA models from 1939-63. Price is £5.00 post paid to any address on the planet. Like the Ariel catalogue it contains hints and tips (some bizarre) as well as details of thousands of parts with carefully researched application details. It is an amazing 160 pages long.
  British Cycle Supply A company in Canada that sells motorcycle parts and classic motorcycle accessories.
  Mark Francis Motorcycle Spares They are based in Essex UK and supply classic British motorcycle spares for BSA as well as Norton and Triumph.
  Central Wheel Co.We are manufacturers of Spokes & Nipples and offer a full wheelbuilding service. We are the appointed Wheelbuilders for Triumph and The National Motorcycle Museum. We are also the manufacturer of the Valante valanced alloy rim (please see our site for more details).
NOT WORKING Classic Badges A Site where you can buy classic bike and car badges.
  Classic Motorbike Jackets Jackets for sale.
NOT WORKING BSABIKES An Australian based BSA parts supplier.
  Go Faster Goodies Make your bike go a bit quicker with goods from this site. Includes a list of clubs and other links. tries to offer items that are a little unusual as well as the more mainstream stuff that is available 'anywhere'. We also promise to try to beat other peoples prices whenever possible. Sells discounted motorcycle clothing, spares, helmets and accessories for modern and classic bikes, on-line insurance and bike sales are also now available.
  CMF Engineering We manufacture many BSA parts.
Bright Sparks A company specialising in new plugs and leads at discount prices.
  MBE Fasteners Try These people for a comprehensive list of BSF, BSW , etc. bolts & nuts.
NOT WORKING Broadway Leathers We are retailers of traditional motorcycle clothing. We stock matt black open face helmets, boots, tool rolls, saddle bags and many more accessories. We also stock a range of gift items.
  Foxcreek Leather Fox Creek Leather - American-made leather motorcycle jackets, vests and chaps with a lifetime guarantee.
  DIY Plating UK based metal plating kits available to purchase online.
  JRC Gloves JRC Glove Distribut'ing Co. All types of gloves.
  Russell Motors A long time established company specialising in AJS, Matchless and the hard working BSA M20 M21 range. Their AJS & Matchless and BSA WD M20 & M21 catalogues can be viewed online.
  Bikersden. Being riders ourselves, our goal is to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with quality motorcycle accessories as well as the tools that allow bikers to find information focused on motorcycles and bike clubs in their area.
NOT WORKING Blackinkprinting Specialising in classic motorcycle T shirts Polo shirts and sweatshirts. Offer discounts to club members.
  Robin James Engineering Robin James Engineering Services, is a leader in the field of classic motorcycle restoration. We have been established for 25 years, and are located in Herefordshire (England). There is more about us on our website
  NSMB Restorations My name is Neil Hopewell, and I now run NSMB British Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Restorers. I have been working with and on M/C's for about 30 years as a hobby, I turned this into a business in September 2006.

Owners' Sites and Restoration Sites


BSA Pitstop Morgan Johansson is an active member of the Swedish BSAOC as well as stocking some BSA parts. His site has an excellent bulletin board where you can join a a forum to discuss all things BSA plus a For Sale and Wanted board for all things BSA.
The BSA A site by Dutchman Jules Dassen about all things made by BSA including Radios, Cars and Tools. A great section on Pre 1930 Motorcycles as Jules is the BSAOC technical expert on these bikes. If you have a pre 1930 BSA this is the place to visit.
Real Classic All about buying and selling, and riding and restoring classic motorcycles. Plenty of good Beesa material on our site! Run by Frank Westworth former editor of the Classic Bike Guide.
  Magneto Restoration Page A page for those wanting to know about magneto problems and how to fix them. Compiled by Bob Kizer.
NOT WORKING One of our members Home Page A page for those of you interested in BSA's.
NOT WORKING Cedrics page Compiled by Cedric Norman a BSAOC member.
  Theo's BSA page Theo, a Belgian shows us his bikes. Read about how he travelled around the world on a B31.
NOT WORKING Brids B50 page Ex -Pat from the IOM ---Been in California for almost 20 yrs---- Having some measure of success racing my B50 right now. Check out my page.
NOT WORKING BSA Brian Nice site by a unit singles owner.
Classic Bikes being used
I have been running a classic motorbike site for about a year, containing loads of 1950-70s photos of many marques at various events. Many of these are BSAs and I thought they may be of interest to you. Most of these photos were taken by my dad and have not been seen by a wider audience ever, having been uncovered in our loft last year. My dad has owned many various BSAs and other rarer UK bikes throughout his life. He is one of the few DOT riders left - he was even pushed by Dick Mann once when his DOT broke down at the Gloucester Bonanza!

Roland Pike BSA I launched a website concerning the Pike-BSA's. With great help of former bike owners, friends and relatives of Roland Pike I managed to reveal a small part of the history of these bikes. Lots of info and pictures.

Specific Model Websites

NOT WORKING The Super Rocket Page A site for those interested in anything to do with BSA Super Rockets. Compiled by Daniel Boss.
NOT WORKING Bantam Restoration Diary A Bantam restoration diary by Graeme Hoyle.
  Bantam Info Tony's Bantam page. Recently updated with some great pics and info.
  BSA B50 SS page A page for those interested in BSA B50 SS bikes. Compiled by Richard Nebrer.
  BSA GP Victor page A page for those interested in BSA GP Victors.
NOT WORKING M20 Page A page for those of you interested in M20s.
  Golden Flash Page A page dedicated to the A10 Golden Flash.
  Triples Online A page for those who like Rocket Threes and those other triples made by BSA.
  BSA Goldie Fancy a Goldie? This guy builds them.
  Veteran BSA site. Visit a site for the older BSA models like flat tankers round tankers and wedge tankers.
  Gold Star Gold Star Site
  C11 Restoration A site showing the restoration of a C11 250cc. In French but with many pictures.
  Super Flash Page A site dedicated to the Super Flash.
  BSA Bantam Discussion Group As it says a Bantam discussion group. I own several Bantams and sometimes feel a need to discuss them with somebody else.

Bantam Site This is a members site about the Bantam.


Sunbeam Owners' Fellowship A club dedicated to the Sunbeam S7 and S8 which were designed and manufactured by BSA.

Discussion Forums


Brit Iron Digest Brit Iron Digest is a forum of discussion on all matters regarding British bikes.

NOT WORKING BSA-ONLY BSA discussions group.


Footman James One of the leading classic vehicle insurance companies.
  Claimsforyou Had an accident? Not your fault? 100% compensation claims service. Visit NO SMALL PRINT!
  Bikesure We specialise in enthusiasts bike, trike and unusual vehicle insurance for standard or modified bikes and trikes. We will offer members of a club up to 15% off for club membership.

Buying & Selling

  The Old Bike Mart The most comprehensive advertising newspaper for classic bike parts.
  Leigh Classics Compiled by Martin a BSA /Triumph man with a few bikes for sale.
  Motorcycledealer-UK a vast searchable online database of information on dealer locations. Advertise your bike here.
CLOSED We're a site that specialises in the free advertising of used motorbikes in the UK, private and trade, old and new - as well as a listing of dealers, forum etc:
NOT WORKING We are an established motorbike classifieds site,, who advertise vehicles for the trade and public, catering for all groups and needs.
  Monstervintage New site selling bike and bike related things, just opened and still loading it up every day with new stuff ..... have some great BSA patch's coming up.
  Hawkshaw Motorcycles We are motorcycle dealers based in Liverpool, England and we have
large stocks of spares for British bikes - both new and used. We also have workshop manuals and parts books.
  Motorcarclassics We provide an online auction venue for cars, bikes and parts for same, and listing is 100% free. We invite you to list your BSA bikes and parts for auction. Motorcycle classifieds for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley, Parts and more...

Books & Memorbalia

NOT WORKING The Border Book Company A Shropshire book shop run by classic motorcyclists for classic motorcyclists offering a large range of books catering for all bikes.
  Classic Motorcycle Memorabilia A site where you can buy motorcycle memorabilia and magazines.
  Bygone Era A company that sells motorcycle memorabilia and classic motorcycle accessories.
NOT WORKING Kickstartart A great site with original paintings of British classics, some paintings for sale. Check out the Goldie and A65.

Classic Motorcycle Prints A B44 Shooting Star owner who sells prints of classic bikes.

Old BSA posters.
Some old posters of various BSA models. Click on the BSA link when on the page.
NOT WORKING Bird at the Wheel Motorcycle art featuring Indians but also some BSAs.

Precision Paintwork A company which specialises in painting motorcycles to prize winning standards.

  Jaymor Have a look at my website at where you will find many clocks, one of which carries a reproduction of a pencil drawing of a BSA Lightning.
NOT WORKING I create custom bike portraits and will offer a 10% discount for BSAOC members.
  Vintagebike This site is mainly a pretty extensive collection of photos, pictures and sounds of a wide variety of classic and vintage motorcycles but I am hoping to add more features as time permits.
  Speedtrack tales World's first Velodrome which believe it or not still remains in use! in Carmarthen Park W. Wales, the other Pages deal with International Six Days Trials from 1937 inc the Fred Rist involvement & Bert Perego Draper etc stays heavy in this & the 160 total German Military team in 1937 with tons of pictures etc is a worthwhile Sand speed Wales BSA's figure well inc the first biggest twin outing at Pendine when Fred Rist won with it.
  'The Lordprice Collection - vintage motorcycle pictures' 'The Lordprice Collection is an outstanding archive of images sourced from printed material: magazines, posters, books, advertisements, photographs, printed ephemera etc. from all periods and all around the world.'

Places of Interest and Holidays

  Allen Vintage Motorcycle Museum A page for you to view some lovely old bikes
NOT WORKING MOTOiE Motorcycling in Europe Events, Museums, Camps, Hotels, Travels & more.
  Alaska Rider Tours We specialize in dualsport motorcycle touring, and concentrate on the long dirt highways that Alaska has to offer. We have a variety of BMW's, Kawasaki KLR 650's and Yamaha XT 225's. We go to the Arctic Circle, to Wrangell-St.Elias National Park, the northern hotsprings, Prince William Sound and the Kenai Peninsula. We have a support vehicle and staff to ensure a safe, enjoyable trip.
  Bottleneck Inn The Bottleneck Inn is situated on the edge of Dartmoor National Park and with the
facilities on offer it is an ideal venue for Biker Rallies and events or just somewhere for
a ride out and a pint. Any BSA owner club members who want to ride in the sunny south of France
might want to check out my website I would give a 10 percent discount to any member .. it's got to be worth that to me just to have people who appreciate BSA's and know how to ride
these machines!
  Sienna Quiet Villa As you can see in our web site, we rent rooms and offer free parking for motorcyclists in Siena (Tuscany-Italy).
Full Throttle Saloon Hey Guys, We own the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, SD. We're going all out in our advertising for Sturgis this year and would love you to take a look at our great site!


Birmingham ASSIST A page for you to find out more about the City where your favourite bike was built.

Made in Birmingham
A site where you can find info on manufacturers based in Birmingham. Can I ask you to remember the 19th November, the 65th anniversary of the devastatting air raid on the BSA in 1940 which everyone forgets every year.

General Motorbike Sites

  Motorcycle UK A site promoting motorcycling in the UK. Find most of the other bike clubs in the UK here.
  BSA Links page Looking for links specifically for BSA sites and for owners sites for their own different models? Then this is the place to look.
  The Owners Club Network A page for all the owners' clubs including BSA.
Bikesearch Compiled by a Motorcycle engineering student, this is a list of most bikes where you can search for yours.
BikeSafe Police forces nationwide are running the BikeSafe campaign helping to reduce motorcycle road casualties by teaching motorcyclists advanced and defensive riding techniques. Find out what's going on in your area. A list of garages still selling leaded petrol.
NOT WORKING Crawl-it-all Find other BSA sites here.
  Biketrade List of bike related organisations.
  DVLA Find out about registering your bike here. It also contains some forms to register your bike saving a trip to the Post Office to pick one up.
NOT WORKING Biker search Search engine for Motorcycle related sites.
  The Magazine Man We sell motorcycle magazines by mail order to all over the world. We sell latest issues, subscriptions and back issues and sell many magazines that are not available in many shops.
NOT WORKING An on-line internet magazine for Motorcycle Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs and a focal point for anyone who is interested in Bikes.
Bikersweb A site run for bikers by bikers with special offers and prizes for visitors.
Bikes Reunited Looking for that bike you sold years ago? This may be the place to find it.
NOT WORKING SpecialChildrensFoundation. The Biker’s Special Children’s Foundation, we are a non-profit organization that provides services, events, and opportunities for abused, disabled, and needy children. Welcome to the Motorbike UK Web Directory where you can buy DVDs', videos', books and a wide range of motorcycle gifts and accessories, keep up to date with the latest motorcycle news, view the latest range of motorbikes, access a wide variety of motorcycle websites' and much much more. We specialise in World Superbike, British Superbike and MotoGP news and results.
NOT WORKING Finding out about your old bike. Whether it is still surviving. Devoted to the Yamaha SRX400 motorcycle. A small website devoted to supplying hard to find information about this much loved bike.
NOT WORKING Classic bikers who like camping BSA Owners who like to camp and ride their bikes. Forums, photo's etc. If you have a genuine interest in classic motorcycles then this site is for you. One of the best Q&A teams on the net.
  Jonny jumble Jonniejumble is a recently established website offering autojumble and news of events around the UK.

Racing and Trials

Irish Racer Magazine For all the information on anything to do with Irish racing or the racing Irish you will find it here.
Silver Dragons Welsh TT circuit. The entire circuit & churches, chapels, school, taverns too, all still exist and now can by arrangement be visited and it is THE LARGEST ON BRITAIN MAINLAND. We have arranged to put the entire Archive online.
Map cycle. Rent your cycle from here. Many cycle and motorcycle links here.
swctaws South West Classic Trials Association Web Site
Sand speed Wales BSA's figure well inc the first biggest twin outing at Pendine when Fred Rist won with it.
Mosten MC British Bike Meet Drag Racing and Moto Cross at this British Bike meeting in Denmark.