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Formed about 37 years ago, the Warrington Branch have for many of those years been one of the most active branches of the club, attending many of the camps each year, with usually a big following at the International Rally and the John Bull Rally. Recently we have had a branch exhibition at the Thundersprint, where potential members can join the club, or question our members about anything BSA. The focus of the branch is riding the bikes and helping others to be able to use their bikes. We meet every Thursday night at the Antrobus Arms at Antrobus on the A559 about 4 miles south from Junction 10 of the M56. We have a large room where we meet in the colder months, but during warm weather we congregate outside in the rear car park to talk mostly bikes. Ages range from 19 through to 74 with active riders right through all ages. Regular runs are organised, as well as many runs concocted when there looks like a good riding day. We have three camping weekends a year. The longest running is our Summer Camp held for many years at the Engine and Tender in Broome near Craven Arms but for 2005 will be at Y Giler Arms, On A5 at Rhydlydan, Betwys - Y Coed, near Llangollen. This is held about the 11th and 12th of September and is one of the most popular camps of the year. We also have a winter camp at the Antrobus Arms on the third weekend in January. Normally a huge bonfire is lit at night to keep the hardy campers warm plus a Hot Pot is available in the pub as well as other excellent meals. Highlight of the night is the Raffle and an Auction of parts donated by members. All money raised goes to support St. Rocco's Hospice in Warrington. We also have a barbecue night usually in June or July.

Members and potential members are welcome to come on any club night.

Some organised runs are listed below but extra runs mid week or weekends are organised on Thursday club nights.