The club has built up a large quantity of original transfers for the various BSA machines. The majority of these are taken from the original factory art work and so are correct - compare the three guns and garter transfer with the horrible red and yellow efforts which are sold as original. We are always looking to add transfers to the list, so if you have one that is not shown or have a machine showing an original transfer that is not listed, then contact the transfer officer so we can arrange to have it copied.

There are various methods of attaching the clubs transfer all requiring different materials and approach. However, it goes without saying, the area to have the transfer needs to be clean and free from grease. A swab down with methylated spirits helps to remove the final traces of grease. When using varnishes, always make sure that they are compatible with the paint on the machine, generally speaking polyurethane varnishes should not affect the surface but cellulose varnishes could lift ordinary oil based paints. If in doubt, ask the painter or stove enameller or try it our on a hidden bit of the machine.

The various types that the Club uses are as follows: -


Varnish Fix (V)

Remove protective backing. Coat the transfer thinly with varnish and allow it to become almost dry. Then apply to the area and rub gently with a soft cloth to remove any air bubbles from below the transfer. It is not possible to reposition the transfer as it will break up, you have to get it right first time to be successful. Leave to dry. When fully dry, soak the transfer with a wet sponge to remove the tissue carrier paper and to reveal the transfer. A further coat of varnish when the transfer is fully dry will complete the job.


Dry Fix (D)

Peel off the thin backing paper. Apply the adhesive side to surface and rub well down, giving extra pressure to the end from which the blue backing paper will be peeled off. Leave for 10 seconds, peel off backing paper gently. Rub down again for maximum adhesion. For extra protection, we recommend varnishing over the transfer.


Self Adhesive (S)

Remove backing paper, position transfer and rub down.


Water Slide (W)

Soak transfer in water for not more than 30 seconds. When design releases itself, slide it off face upwards into position. Press well down wiping gently from the centre outwards to squeeze out surplus water and air bubbles. Leave at least 24 hours to dry and varnish if required. One point worth mentioning is, it is worthwhile rubbing the area where the transfer is to be fixed with neat washing up liquid on a bit of cotton wool - as this helps the transfer slide into position.

A list of transfers available from the club to members.