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BSAOC UK History

It was in Sheffield, in 1958, that a group of owners set up the first BSA one-make club. Others soon followed, in Nottingham, Birmingham and Surrey. By 1960 there were eight or nine such individual groups, all operating different sets of rules, subscription rates and 'aims and objects'. A National Committee had been established but its powers were so limited that it could do little more than keep the separate clubs in touch with one another. In an effort towards unity, a magazine called the Star, was produced in January 1961. After a slow start, its influence gained momentum and it greatly helped the National Committee to bring into being a recognised system of co-ordination. After many months of meetings between committees and delegates an extraordinary general meeting was held in October 1962, and massive support was given to the idea of a National BSA Owners' Club, to come into effect on January 1st 1963, with a national form of rules and constitution, and standardised fees. Since taking that step the BSA Owners' Club has become one of the biggest and most progressive of one-make motorcycle clubs. With a score of branches in the United Kingdom, affiliated groups in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United States of America, and individual members in practically every country in the world. A major catalyst in BSA Owners' Club affairs is the Star magazine, a monthly publication that reaches every member. It covers a wide variety of subjects: general articles; hints and tips; reports from branches and individual members; For sale and wanted column; list of technical consultants; adverts for forthcoming BSA Owners' Club events and trade adverts. Because of the growing number of overseas members the word 'National' was dropped from the Club's title in 1970. Each branch has its own rules within the framework of the National regulations, however Club membership automatically carries an open invitation to any Branch Club night. Also members are invited to AGM in April and members meetings in November and March to decide on the Club events calendar and to have their say in the running of the Club. The Club has always had an active programme of outdoor events with the highlight being the International Rally which is held in a different country every year and is a venue where members of the majority of European Club's can meet for a weeks holiday. Other important events in the Calendar are, the annual field day and the dinner dance where the Club awards are presented. However most importantly, the club consists of enthusiasts from all over the world who have got together for their mutual benefit to enable them to participate in club life on international, national and local levels, to compete with riders of similar machines on equal terms, and discuss matters of common interest. AND, most important of all, since the closure of the BSA factory, to preserve the motorcycles we all love, which bear the great name BSA.

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A rigid A7 typical of the type of bike early members would be riding.