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2008 International BSA Rally.

Isle of Man August 16 - 23.

Steve Southgate accompanied Peter Twyman and Chairman Dave Brady for a tour of the Island for an inspection of possible venues for a campsite and events during the 2008 rally week.

The Manx Department of Tourism and Leisure are so keen for the BSA Club to hold our event there that they paid for our return flights from London City Airport to Douglas airport and overnight hotel accommodation, they have also implied that they would be willing to pay half of the Marquee weekly hire charge.

We were quite impressed, we visited several possible camp sites, the Glenlough Farm Campsite at Union Mills looks to be the better option due to having a large grassed field that would be for our own exclusive use, obviously more facilities would have to be brought in to cater for the extra numbers, ready erected fully equipped tents can be rented, other forms of accommodation are also being looked into.

We have also short listed two possible line up locations, one for during the daytime and one for an evening, as this will be the Manx GP Practice week it will not be overcrowded.

On behalf of the BSA Club I would like to thank Steve for organising the visit, it has certainly made me feel more at ease now that I know that we officially have the full backing of the IOM Tourist Board, more information will follow as and when.

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We have negotiated ferry discounts for BSAOC members attending the rally. 2008ferrydiscounts.htm

If you are going to the IOM 2008 International Rally you can now download the  logo, check to see if your details have been received, and if you are on the list of attendance. Click here Isle of Man rally logo and list


The venue has now been set to be held at the:

Glenlough Farm Campsite, Union Mills

Fully equipped ready-sited tents will be available to hire, an on site Marquee will be erected for a daily meeting place and evening entertainment.

This site is on the TT/Manx GP road circuit so the main entrance will be closed during practice times, but there is a small back entry exit.

Below is a proposed outline plan of events for the rally week, this will be subject to change.

Date Day Event Evening Event
Saturday Arrivals and booking in Bar/Disco
Sunday Official opening ceremony, 11.00 Bar/Band/Disco
Official Line-up Washing Floors Laxey, 11.00 Ride out
Tuesday Lap of TT Course Ride out. 11.00 Start from site to grandstand
On site BBQ, Bar/Band/Disco

Peel Castle and Manx Museum Ride out 4.00 Peel Sunset Line-up, Bar
Thursday A.R.E. Museum visit plus BBQ 12.00 Dinner & Dance, Bar/Band
Friday Southern Ride-out to Cregneash Village and the Calf, 11.00 Bar/Band/Disco
Saturday Departure